TARKEM has established a strong management structure in the Historic Area. Apart from the Board of Directors, there are also the Architectural and Technical Committee, Finance and Resource Creation Committee and Social Committee. TARKEM ensures the communication and relationship in the Historic Area with both internal and external stakeholders.

Management Committee

The Board of Directors of TARKEM consists of 17 members. 17 people constitute a profile of all partners. The board of directors includes the historical Kemeraltı Bazaar artisans, the successful business people of İzmir, the former mayors, deputies, ministers and cultural ambassadors. All of these people, by placing the focus of this most valuable area of Izmir, voluntarily managing TARKEM without waiting for any material interest.

Management Committee List

  • Samim Sivri (Başkan)
  • Ayşegül Kurtel
  • Bekir Pakdemirli
  • Deniz Barçın
  • Hasan Eke
  • İlknur Denizli
  • Mehmet Salih Özen
  • Moris Bencuya
  • Murat Demirer
  • Muzaffer Tunçağ
  • Nesim Bencoya
  • Perihan İnci
  • Semih Girgin
  • Serdar Dağıstan
  • Şefika Günseli Ünlütürk
  • Temel Aycan Şen
  • Uğur Yüce


Architectural and Technical Committee

This committee follows the process from architectural idea projects to the end of applications and takes responsibility. By organizing meetings and controlling the fields, the applications are executed in a healthy way.

Funding and Fundraising Committee

It is the committee that produces commercial projects of TARKEM and provides access to funds. It is responsible for ensuring continuity of work, increasing the existing capital and using it efficiently.

Social Committee

This is the committee that produces projects and communicates with the sponsors for these projects.

It aims to approach the people of the area with the activities performed.


Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Executive Board

TARKEM is a member of the executive board established for the Historic Area by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. Executive Board, at least once a month, met with the Secretary General of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to find solutions to problems in the areas of responsibility on behalf of the board of directors.

Izmir Governorship Executive Board

TARKEM is a member of the executive board established for the Historic Area in İzmir Governorship. The Executive Committee is the board, which is the general secretariat of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, which is organized at least once a month under the chairmanship of the Deputy Governor of the İzmir Governorship and all the relevant public institutions are represented at the highest level.

Upper Board

TARKEM is a member of the board of the Konak Municipality and its advisors. The political decisions to be taken in the Historic Area are discussed and resolved in this higher committee and delegated to the sub-committees and organizations.

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