Support Projects

We develop projects that will make life easier and meet the needs of the Historic Area.


KARKEM will ensure that all products in the area are safely packaged, stored and shipped.


It is very important to bring all the people of Izmir, especially the youth, in the Historic Area with the attraction of new generation technologies and services. While it is possible to reach the wireless internet from all around the market, it will be possible to explain all the values in the field and the area through this tool.


New and up to date high-tech services and applications will be developed. In addition to the smartphone applications, all values in the Historic Area will be introduced under the name of website and this brand will reach the masses with the slogan ‘Explore Kemeraltı!’


In order to meet the existing needs in the Historic Area, it aims to provide all the services needed from a wide range of hygienic toilets, smart capacity enhanced car parks, new generation insurance services and various trips.

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