The Historic Istiklal School


Common Project

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Restoration Begins

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Innovative Learning Center

About the project:

The Historic Istiklal School is estimated to be built at the end of the 19th century, is one of the most important educational institutions of its period. The school then served as a spotlight depot selling second hand goods respectively. The historical school belongs to Konak Municipality. For this property, the Association has written projects for the Izmir Development Agency’s (IZKA) Financial Support Program for the Protection of Cultural Heritage. While the partners of the project presented to İZKA are Konak Municipality and İzmir Culture and Art Development Association, TARKEM takes part in the project as an associate.
When the project is completed, it will become a centre where many scientific workshops will be carried out to train children and young people by protecting the educational function. From central coding to space sciences, from robot making to carpentry workshops, from wearable technologies to agricultural technologies, children will learn firstly and then develop their own projects in a world-class structure.



Current Status:


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