From Yesterday to Today

Our Story

November 2012

With 116 partners, TARKEM was founded in 2012.

December 2016

Creation of Historic Area Strategy and Operations Plans Completed

January 2017

ORKEM Founded

March 2017

Aegean Exporters Associations Become Partner

April 2017

Aegean Region Chamber of Industry Becomes Partner

May 2017

Izmir Commodity Exchange Becomes Partner

July 2017

Blue Kortejo is purchased.

July 2017 Domain Purchased

September 2017

Tevfik Paşa Konakları is Purchased (1st Stage)

September 2017

YUROKEM was established and Yusuf Rıza Former Primary School Protocol was signed

October 2017

442 Street Offices – 1 Purchased

October 2017

Chamber of Shipping became a partner

February 2018

Tevfik Paşa Konakları Purchased (2nd Stage)

April 2018

442 Street Offices – 2 Purchased

May 2018

Akın Pasajı is rented

June 2018

Izmir Chamber of Commerce became a partner

September 2018

İzmir Governorship Becomes Partner

September 2018

Izmir Development Agency Adopted with the Izmir Association of Turkey Independence School Restoration Project Accepted

October 2018

Ali Galip Chocolate Factory Building Protocol Signed

November 2018

ALKEM Founded

November 2018

Opening a New Website

December 2018

In the Extraordinary General Assembly Meeting, it was decided to increase the capital of TARKEM to TL 25 Million.

December 2018

TARKEM has started the restoration of Mavi Kortejo, the first Real Estate Project.

January 2019

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism became a partner of TARKEM through the company of DÖSİMM.

TARKEM Activities Will Continue Increasing…


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